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How may I talk to Zana?


Chat with Zana in your smartphone

1. Install our app for Android in Google Playstore Chat with Zana
2. Go ahead and talk to Zana


Talk to Zana on Facebook Messenger

1. Click this link or Search for "Zana Assistant" on Facebook
2. Visit Zana page
3. Click on "Message" and talk to Zana



Communicate with Voice over Alexa


If you have Alexa and a US account, just call "Alexa, open Zana Health"
You may find Zana AI skill here


Search at Zana.com

1. Search for any disease of your concern in the search-box, e.g. search for "heart disease", "grinding teeth", "anorexia", etc.
2. In the results, you may select to read the filtered medical conditions or informative articles


What information does Zana cover?

Zana covers a wide range of medical conditions. The information is created and reviewed by doctors. If you have a concern about diabetes, bulimia, anorexia, leukemia, stroke etc., Zana will quickly find  accurate and reliable medical information for you. At Zana Web, this information is displayed in your chat window. The conversation through voice in Alexa is also associated with textual content and photos in your Amazon Lex app.

What questions is Zana able to answer?

Zana is learning constantly and already is able to answer thousands of questions. For each question, Zana quickly finds the related medical condition or topic and displays easy-to-understand information. She will additionally suggest related articles on issues linked to the medical condition in the answer.

Here is only a short list with examples of questions you may ask:

  •      What is plagiocephaly?
  •      Tell me about allergic rhinitis
  •      What are the types of STIs?
  •      What are the symptoms of bulimia?
  •      Tell me about the main symptoms of stroke
  •      How can one treat type 1 diabetes?
  •      What causes leukemia?
  •      What are the causes of meningitis?
  •      What are the types of stroke?
  •      Is pneumonia contagious?
  •      How do I know if I have a heart block?
  •      How does a heart block occur?


  New at Zana

Learn about Zana

  •      Tell me about yourself
  •      What are you able to do?

Search information about medical conditions

  •      What is Heart failure?
  •      What do you know about Hepatits B?
  •      What do you know about Laparoscopy?

Ask about symptoms and signs of diseases

  •      What are the symptoms of angina
  •      What are the main symptoms of brain aneurysm
  •      What are the first signs of angina

Learn about diagnosis of medical conditions

  •      How can autism spectrum disorder be diagnosed
  •      Can bacterial vaginosis be diagnosed?
  •      How is bladder cancer diagnosed?

Search information about treatment of diseases

  •      How can one treat anorexia
  •      How can Appendicitis be treated
  •      How can I treat asbestosis

Ask when to go to a doctor

  •      When should I see a doctor if I have a cold
  •      When to see a doctor if you have acid reflux?
  •      When to see a doctor if you have sinus headache

Difference between conditions

  •      What is the difference between a heart attack and a stroke?
  •      What is the difference between dry and productive cough?

Specifics of a condition

  •      Why does the pain occur in angina pectoris?
  •      Why is important to trace heart rhythm?

How to take medication

  •      How to take anticoagulants?
  •      How to take paracetamol?

Procedure eligibility

  •      Who can have weight loss surgery?
  •      Who can have an MRI scan?

When to have procedure

  •      When is laparoscopy used?
  •      When orthodontics is used?

Therapy effects

  •      Evidence for osteopathy
  •      Side effects of radiotherapy

Search pediatric condition

  •      When does child need to see a doctor if I suspect acute bronchitis?
  •      When orthodontics is used?

Recent questions asked by users:

1. What is the definition of vaginitis?
2. Can you help me with materials about diabetes

3. Complication of infertility


What is Zana also able to do?

You may create a profile so that Zana knows you and learns about you over time.
Zana can also follow up by sending health updates on topics of interest to you.

Zana can help you make an assessment of breast cancer risks personalized to your profile.
You may find this skill in the interaction at Zana Web.

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