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You may ask Zana

  • Ask information about a disease or condition, e.g. "What is diabetes?", "Give me information about acid reflux", "Tell me more about anorexia?"
  • Ask for the symptoms of a disease or condition e.g. "What are the symptoms of seasonal allergy?", "What symptoms should I watch for in Migraine?"
  • Ask for the causes of a disease , e.g. "What causes acute bronchitis?", "What are the causes for grinding teeth?"
  • Ask for treatment information of a disease, e.g. "How can you treat congenital heart disease?", "What is the treatment for dermatitis?", etc.

During the conversation, Zana will also recommend appropriate information related to your search, such as related patient stories or common questions people ask for the disease.


Search at Zana.com

1. Search for any disease of your concern in the search-box above, e.g. search for "heart disease", "grinding teeth", "anorexia", etc.
2. In the results, you may select to read the filtered medical conditions or informative articles



Very soon, Zana will be able to help you check your symptoms to find the most accurate matching medical condition.


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