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Zana's Response to COVID

Amid the challenges of these trying times, I am witnessing how startups and entrepreneurs are quickly rising. Amid the challenges of these trying times, I am witnessing how startups and entrepreneurs are quickly rising.

Startups and entrepreneurs are quickly rising to the occasion to adopt new technology and build solutions for the world in front of us.
Zana operates in the digital health and telemedicine sphere where the demand for such technologies has increased. We see mentality shifts, behavior changes and fast adoption of technologies that are here to stay.

To respond to the pandemic and offer our support in this time of crisis, our team at Zana has worked very actively since early March to launch the following projects:

I. Remote Health Monitoring Platform for COVID-19

Zana‘s remote health monitoring platform helps chronic or high-risk patients and their care providers to manage treatment at home, during and after the pandemic.

 The platform combines our voice/chatbot assistant with connected health devices (e.g. healthwatch, ECG, pulse oximeter). It enables patients to report COVID-19 symptoms, self-monitor biometrics (blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, ECG), and better adhere to their treatment plan. In parallel, a monitoring dashboard system updates doctors about their patient's health continuously and securely.

During the pandemic, we offer our platform for free to healthcare institutions and care providers to support them in monitoring their patients remotely.

II. FORTA for Symptom Reporting at Scale

Building upon Zana`s Conversational AI platform, we developed FORTA as an independent application for continuous real-world monitoring of symptoms in both suspected and secured COVID-19 cases. Link:

FORTA is open and immediately deployable for healthcare providers to monitor infected persons isolated at home and their household members or relatives, with the purpose of early detecting more severe courses of COVID-19 at risk of hospitalization.

We are also offering FORTA for free to public health organizations and research units to exploit real-world data and track digital biomarkers for use in clinical, epidemiological and healthcare research on SARS-CoV-2 contagiousness and COVID-19 trajectories.

See a piece about FORTA featured in the Hubraum of Deutsche Telekom press and EIT Health Community Response site.

III. mAIndcraft - Videochat Platform for Mental Health Support during Coronavirus Crisis

mAIndcraft is a new initiative that is personally supported by our CEO, Dr. Julia Hoxha. Several engineers from our Zana team also contributed in the development of the video hotline platform in record time. Ours was a quick response to the solidarity of its cofounder Eva Gjoni, an experienced psychotherapist who was also joined in her effort by a broad network of experts. Link:

The power of mAIndcraft lies in the volunteering work of over 16 professional psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists. They are offering their time and expertise to provide support for the individual psychological effects caused by corona crisis. Consultation services are also aimed at people exposed to exceptional stress in their jobs, whether it is a job in the healthcare, in public or private sector, or working from home while balancing childcare and homeschooling.

The technology behind mAIndcraft enables interested individuals to start a video consultation anonymously and without registration in the homepage of mAIndcraft. It meets the highest personal data protection standards. The information exchanged during the consultation is encrypted. The therapists are alone in a protected room, in their home working space or their practice.

Help spread the word to all individuals who feel psychologically distressed as a result of Corona crisis.
Like & share @mAIndcraft in your network.

mAIndcraft also won an award! It received the "Most Impact" prize at the Easter Hackathon 2020. This was a competition for finding solutions in the fight against Covid-19 organized in partnership with Charité Hospital, Berlin Institute of Health, Hacking Health Berlin and Diabetes Center Berne.


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