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MyndPlay was conceived as an idea to provide brain training through entertainment using brainwave EEG technology; with MyndPlay the viewer not only has control over the content and a lot of fun, but also develops control over their own emotions which transfer into everyday life.

MyndPlay CEO Tre has a passion for the mind and as an alternative therapist set out to develop a platform to help people prevent mental health issues by making mental health techniques available to a wider audience at lower cost and without the need for pills.   The original concept was simple...create videos that have a number of therapy techniques - use brain tech to measure what works best during a session - let the application receive feedback and adapt the video to focus only on techniques that worked best for that individual user or patient.

There were a number of EEG Brainwave headsets in the market however none fit the requirements of MyndPlay, so they set out to build their own headband which would be more functional, comfortable and customisable then the competition. in 2014 the first version was released and in 2016 the MyndBand VR was finally completed for mass production.

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