Products from RADARCAN®


In RADARCAN®, we are a family business with a path of more than 27 years researching, manufacturing and commercializing devices for pest control.

We started in 1981 manufacturing electronic products for large international firms and, since 1989; we developed a line of products with our own technology, focused on providing the highest innovation and sophistication. Since then, in RADARCAN®, we have created and developed different models and versions of electronic devices to combat annoying animals in the cleanest and most hygienic way, offering an alternative to the use of chemicals and pesticides, harmful to health. At the same time, we provide solutions in the field of ionizing and air purification, protecting our customers from mites and harmful particles from polluted air. We also offer products developed in collaboration with veterinarians and coaches designed to facilitate the process of training dogs and cats and help control their behavior.

Since our inception, we have been committed to the development of products and technologies with the priority of respecting the environment and the pursuit of the highest quality in each of our devices.

Today, RADARCAN® products are sold and marketed in more than 30 countries worldwide, including the US and Japan.

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