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  • Z10045
  • QuietOn is a one-of-a-kind earplug combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to bring you a bubble of quietude in a world full of distractions.
QuietOn is a one-of-a-kind earplug combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise... more
Product information "QuietOn Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs"

QuietOn is a one-of-a-kind earplug combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to create silence.

Key Features
QuietOn earplugs provide noise reduction at the same level as the best on-ear noise cancelling headphones. The active noise cancellation of QuietOn is especially focused on reducing low frequency ’bass’ noise, which is not addressed by normal earplugs.
QuietOn enables cutting-edge noise cancellation performance with up to 50 hours of battery life on a single charge. Comfortable, ergonomic and wireless. The earplugs are small enough to enable sleeping with your head on a pillow.
Portable - The case fits easily in a pocket or bag, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.
No buttons -The earplugs switch on automatically when removed from the charging and carrying case.

Sleep better
QuietOn suppresses noises coming through walls, which normal soft foam earplugs can’t achieve.
Quiet down sharp noises that otherwise wake you up.
Ability to sleep with snoring partner
QuietOn noise cancellation decreases effectively the sound of low bandwidth snoring.
Improved capability to fall asleep
Create your own comfortable noise space that your mind relates to sleeping.

Switch exhausting flight to relaxing break.
Improved performance for the coming meetings.
Be able to sleep in noisy hotels.
Be efficient. Enable working in airplane, train etc.
Improve your wellbeing by reducing stress brought upon by continuous background noise.

Achieve improved performance by avoiding distractions and focusing on a task on-hand.
Reduce your stress level.
Replace uncomfortable hearing protection headphones with small and lightweight QuietOns.

Reduce machinery noises up to 40dB
QuietOn protects ‘s industrial employees from tiring  noises created by machinery and other sources in factories. In a study on QuietOn’s noise cancelling performance, the earplugs got a very good result (4.3/5) from industrial employees.


Airplane cabin noise consists of low bandwidth sounds with the peak on 100Hz. This is where QuietOn’s active noise cancellation distinguishes from passive noise cancelling earplugs.
While passive earplugs are able to tackle noise on a broad scale, they are particularly inefficient in reducing low frequency noises. Active noise cancellation technology, however, provides outstanding capability of suppressing these low frequency sounds.
For the first time ever, QuietOn incorporates active noise cancellation with passive noise attenuation to achieve optimal noise reduction throughout the whole sound scale, providing you with ultimate comfort in your everyday tasks.

Size: Carrying case: 22mm x 30mm x 59mm, Earplug size 19mm x 22mm
Weight: Carrying case: 25g. Earplug: 3.8g
Battery life: 50h
Charging: Micro-USB mobile phone charger connecting to the carrying case
Localization: Global product
Sales Package: Carrying case, Two QuietOn earplugs, Two different size silicon tips, User guide

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