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GoBe 2 Calorie Tracker
GoBe 2 Calorie Tracker
Healbe GoBe2 - The complete smart-life band Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With Auto Calorie Counting and More... GoBe 2 tracks calorie intake with an accuracy of 85 percent, this is comparable to the accuracy of self-reported calorie...
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Swimmo Swimming Smartwatch
Swim smarter. Swimmo watch detects your swimming style and counts your strokes, their rate, length as well as SWOLF efficiency score. Knowledge is the key to become a winner. Know more with Swimmo. Work on your speed and pace, never...
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Tidda Fitnesswatch S1
Tidda Fitnesswatch S1
2019 new arrival Tidda Fitnesswatch S1 waterproof fitness watch with flip, slide and touch screen All in one touch A new generation of touch-screen technology to support glide up and down, simultaneous support for click touch. ✓ Full...
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