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Zana's technology helps organisations to build artificially intelligent voice and chatbot solutions.

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Zana Technologies is included on Startup Watchlist #1

Zana Technologies is included on Startup Watchlist #1

We at Zana Technologies are very proud to have been selected as one of the seven featured startups

Tidda AI  Zana earns medical device CE mark  Europe

Tidda AI Zana earns medical device CE mark Europe

Zana announces that it has received the Class I Medical Device CE Mark for its Artificial Intelligence-supported health monitoring platform Tidda AI.

Zana renowned consortium starts new project DiCo

Zana renowned consortium starts new project DiCo

AI-powered Digital Transformation in Care: Zana and renowned consortium starts new project DiCo with funding from German Government.

Discover how Zana is different

Our novel platform uniquely combines Conversational AI and wearable technology. It helps you build AI assistants that are able to communicate with people through natural language, while understanding more about them through connected sensors.

Our technology applies in different verticals

from revolutionizing patient care to reinventing ways companies connect with their customers.

Zana meets the highest European standards of data security.

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Eine neue Assistentin für Atemwegserkrankungen von Zana

Wir haben Tidda Odem gelaunched- eine Assistentin in Ihrer mobilen App, die ermöglicht es Ihnen, die Kontrolle über Ihre Gesundheit zu übernehmen und Ihren Peak Flow digital zu überwachen, so dass Sie Ihre Ergebnisse nie wieder auf Papier verlieren können.


We can help organisations build their AI strategy with custom solutions

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Conversational AI Platform

Build custom voice and chat assistants with rich conversational experience

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Tidda AI for Healthcare

Transform patient care with our end-to-end remote health monitoring solution

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Enterprise Support

Support the complex enterprise needs with on-premise and cloud implementations, user management, and more

Zana AI Features

Our Zana BrainTM technology deconstructs human natural language to make sense of semantics, context, intent, and meaning of spoken utterances. It leverages semantic techniques, deep neural networks, and natural language processing. The accuray of our natural language understanding is proven to outperform other state of the art solutions.

Zana technology is driven by the latest innovations in machine learning to understand natural human language. It is an independent, proprietary platform that meets the highest data security standards.

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Tidda is a class 1 medical device according to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) within the European Union