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Zana is an intelligent assistant that responds to health questions with trusted medical information

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Besides Facebook Messenger, you will soon find Zana in your favourite social networks such as Kik or Google Assistant and in your home environment through integration in Amazon Alexa or Google Home

An AI health assistant always at your reachZana is an interactive, AI-based health assistant.
Zana builds a bridge between a complex health information need and concrete solutions – intelligent answers, concise informative articles, and personalized recommendations.
You may converse with Zana in free natural language – via text or voice.

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How can Zana help you?Use the searchbox for information about any disease of your concern, e.g. search „heart disease", „grinding teeth", „anorexia", etc.
Talk to Zana on Facebook Messenger – ask information about diseases, symptoms or causes, ask about treatment options, or subscribe to receive information on health topics of your interest.

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Zana MarketplaceBased on your search and health profile, Zana will recommend the most innovative and high-quality personal health products like activity trackers, wearable devices, home monitoring solutions, and mobile apps.
These products will be available very soon for direct purchase at Zana Marketplace.
Stay tuned!

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Zana Web AssistantAccess Zana from this Website without the interference of third party platforms.

MessengerAre you a vivid Facebook Messenger user?
Chat with Zana on Messenger.

Amazon AlexaDo you love voice conversations with an A.I!?
Talk to Zana through Alexa.