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Zana -
Conversational AI Platform

Build rich conversational experiences with Zana Engine

Machine Learning made easy

Solutions with Zana*

Zana combines voice-driven assistance and smart wearables for continuous health monitoring

Remote patient monitoring

Remote Health Monitoring

Use Case: Remote patient monitoring solution combines natural language conversational experiences with real-time monitoring of vital signs.
Zana Fitnesswatch

Zana Fitnesswatch

Understand your health by tracking your blood pressure, heart rate, steps, blood oxygen and sleep with the watch and Zana A.I mobile application.
Zana Answers

Zana Answers

Use Case: Zana Informational Retrieval, Zana can connect to a knowledge base and respond to questions and gives you insights based on search techniques. Fast and free access to information fitted to the individual profile.
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Conversational AI

AI and Voice Tech for Better Engagement

Zana understands, talks and coordinates tasks
The voice and chatbot powered assistant drives simple, human-like conversations to engage with users in their health journey. The assistant is built upon our proprietary Conversational AI platform that features medically-tailored Natural Language Understanding and Zana Dialogue™ technology.

Your data are safe with Zana

This is how:

  • Zana is GDPR-compliant.
  • Data are only hosted on ISO-certified servers located in Germany, guaranteeing privacy and data security.
  • Private personal information is anonymized preventing access to any identifiable health data.

Health Partners

Zana helps these institutions to improve healthcare engagement and maximize profit

Healthcare Providers

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Empower professionals to offer better quality of continuous care while maximizing profit
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Enable payers to provide efficient care plans while reducing healthcare costs
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Monitor patients remotely during clinical trials while measuring and optimizing treatment outcome
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Use Case: Understand your health

As a use case, we have published the Zana AI application. Zana can respond to your questions and give you insights about your health. Connect to Zana Fitnesswatch to track your health data such as activity, sleep, heart rate and use Zana A.I. mobile app to understand them better.