Treatment and outlook

The main treatment for most brain tumours is surgery, which aims to remove as much of the abnormal tissue as possible.

It's not always possible to remove the entire tumour, so further treatment with radiotherapy and/or chemotherapy may be necessary to kill any abnormal cells left behind.

For most benign tumours, treatment is oftensuccessful and a full recovery is possible, although there's sometimes a small chance the tumour could come back.Regular follow-up appointments will normally be recommended to monitor this.

The outlook for malignant tumours is generally less good, although this varies depending on things such aswhere the tumour is in the brain, your age, and your general health. Unfortunately,a cure is often not possible and most tumours will return after treatment.

If a tumour does come back, treatmentwill aim to relieve your symptoms and prolong life by controlling the growth of the tumour.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dez 2018