Symptoms of malaria can develop as quickly as seven days after you're bitten by an infected mosquito.

Typically, the time between being infected an dwhen symptoms start (incubation period) is 7 to 18 days, depending on the specific parasite you're infected with. However, in some cases it can take up to a year for symptoms to develop.

The initial symptoms of malaria are flu-like and include:

  • a high temperature(fever)
  • headaches
  • sweats
  • chills
  • vomiting

These symptoms are often mild and can sometimes be difficult to identify as malaria.

With some types of malaria, the fever occurs in 48-hour cycles. During these cycles, you feel cold at first with shivering. You then develop a fever, accompanied by severe sweating and fatigue. These symptoms usually last between 6 and 12 hours.

Other symptoms of malaria can include:

The most serious type of malaria is caused by thePlasmodium falciparum parasite. Without prompt treatment, this type could lead to youquickly developing severe and life-threatening complications, such as breathing problems and organ failure.

Seeking medical advice

Seek medical advice immediately if you develop symptoms of malaria during or after a visit to an area where the disease is found.

You should still seek medical help even if it's several weeks, months or a year after you return from travelling.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 28 Nov 2016