How is it treated?

Your finger will be placed in a plastic splint, which keeps it straight, with the end joint slightly bent backwards. You'll stillbe able to bend the finger at the middle joint.

Sometimes a custom splint is made by an occupational therapy team if a standard one doesn't fit well.

The splint is taped on, and must be worn day and night for6 to 12 weeks to allow the two ends of the torn tendon to stay together and heal. It shouldonly be removed for cleaning.

It's really important that the end of your finger doesn't bend during the time it's splinted, as this may slow down healing and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

The middle joint of the finger is left free so you can continue to move it to prevent any stiffness developing.

You should only need surgery if the fingerbone has broken known as a mallet fracture or bony mallet injuryor in theuncommon situation where the mallet finger fails to heal.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dez 2018