Preventing toothache

The best way toavoid getting toothache and other dental problems is to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible. To do this, you should:

  • limit your intake of sugary foods and drinksyou should have theseas an occasional treat and only at mealtimes; read more about cutting down on sugar
  • brush your teeth twice a day using a toothpaste that contains fluoride gently brush your gums and tongue as well
  • clean between your teeth using dental floss and, if necessary, use a mouthwash
  • don't smokeit can make some dental problems worse

Make sure you have regular dental check-ups ,preferably with the same dentist.

The time between check-ups can vary, depending on how healthy your teeth and gums are and your risk of developing future problems.

Your dentist will suggest when you should have your next check-up based on your overall oral health.

Children should have a dental check-up every six months so tooth decay can be spotted and treated early.

and keeping your teeth clean .

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018