Conversational AI for Customer Engagement

Go beyond chatbots with intelligent and truly dynamic customer and employee management experiences from Zana AI.

Our Conversational AI Platform helps Businesses leverage 24x7 voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants to engage with customers and solve their issues. The platform features a deep Natural Language Understanding, using Zana BrainTM technology.

The result of intuitive and smart responses, which are available 24h a day, 7 days a week. Your customers will feel valued and so your companies customer engagement will increase dramatically, continued trust and reliability will also shine for your customers.

Meet Zana

Use Cases


Customer Support and Engagement

With Zana AI for Customer Engagement, your customers get the answers and solutions they need, fast!

Since the modern customer expects efficient and timely responses, be one step ahead and offer intelligent and organic answers to their questions - reducing frustration and increasing satisfaction. Our platform allows customers to quickly gain solutions and continue with their day - this will improve customer satisfaction and they will be more than likely to recommend you to friends and family.


Internal Staff Knowledge Repository and better time management

Free up your best thinkers and problem solvers, so that they can focus their energy on other, more pressing tasks. Yes - you will be able to either save on Support Team Members or refocus them on other customer related tasks - driving business forward!

Internal staff will have knowledge available at their fingertips within seconds, revolutionizing knowledge transfer and minimizing time wasted searching documentations.


Post Purchase Engagement

Provide customers with the ability to interact with the business once they have completed a purchase.

This will leave them the ability to solve issues they may face but otherwise not wish to communicate, the ability to leave a review or just comment on great service. Our platform allows you to monitor customer's post purchase satisfaction with ease.

Zana AI makes improving customer engagement easy, intuitive and efficient