Zana a “gold-rated” company by the EIT health investor network

Mon, 17 Jan 2022
The pan-European EIT Health Investor Network supports Zana in its fundraising for 2022.

The pan-European EIT Health Investor Network supports Zana in its fundraising for 2022.

January 14th 2022: Zana joins an exclusive group of promising early-stage European healthcare Start-ups supported by the EIT Health Investor Network. Following an in-depth vetting process, Zana has been rated as “Gold Company” in the assessment performed by expert evaluators and investment committee.

The Investor Network will facilitate the fundraising process for the company´s Seed Round in 2022. The financing is aimed to commercialize the lead product ‘Tidda Herz’ self-management solution for Heart Failure patients, and further accelerate the development of new applications of Zana´s Conversational AI platform.

The EIT Health Investor Network connects qualified companies seeking early-stage funding with the first pan-European consortium of more than 80 healthcare investors across 18 countries. EIT Health itself was established in 2015, as a ‘knowledge and innovation community’ of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and has now evolved into a large network of best-in-class innovators transforming healthcare in Europe.


About Zana:

Zana, an award-winning digital health start-up in Germany, leverages proprietary Conversational and Voice AI technology to build digital companions as chatbot and speech assistants in healthcare. Its mission is “We make healthcare talk human”.

Zana offers pharma and med-tech companies patient companion solutions for remote clinical trial and post-market research. The company has established R&D partnerships with top university clinics to advance its Conversational AI platform and applications, and build novel vocal biomarkers for Heart Failure and respiratory diseases.