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Zana AI health companion builds an holistic profile of the patient over time. Zana tracks physiological data via ubiquitous and easy-to-use consumer/medical wearables. Zana is also trained to educate patients by answering questions with trusted medical information via a voice- and chatbot-powered interface.

Zana companion for patients combines in-App natural language conversations (soft data) with continuous monitoring of devices (hard data) - imagine Siri connected to smart wearables. These conversations offer a simple and effective instrument for patient-reported outcomes (PROs) and patient photos (e.g. wound) to measure treatment progress.

PROs are guided by intuitive in-App health check-ups and standardized Quality of Life questionnaires, which facilitate treatment progress and comparison of therapeutic methods. This helps to identify timely interventions that offer the patients more benefits in terms of their well-being and functioning.

The solution extends with an innovative Web-based platform for doctors. It continuously and securely updates them about their patient's health and incorporates state-of-the-art warning system.

Our health evaluation platform allows doctors early detection of complications, and analytics to recognize correlations in patient data.


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