AI and Voice Technology for Better User Engagement

Platform for designing, building and managing GDPR-compliant voice and chatbot applications

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Conversational AI Platform

Zana technology is driven by the latest innovations in machine learning to understand natural human language. It is an independent, proprietary platform that meets the highest data security standards.


Create an assistant with natural language understanding abilities and enriched user support. Multiple languages enabled.


Hear utterances and commands from user and reply back with voice. Translation services may be supported.


Enrich virtual assistant with character/persona and ability to handle multi-turn conversations. Import smalltalk and design dialogue flows.


Question-and-answer layer over your existing data. Automatically extract Q&A pairs from semi-structured content.


Enables search and information retrieval across contents and articles of own domain.

Our Unique Value Proposition

AI and Natural Language

  • High accuracy NLU
  • Unlimited assets (intents, entities, context)
  • Implementation support with dialogue flows

Privacy and Security

  • GDPR Compliant
  • Anonymization
  • Security standards compliance

Ownership and control

  • On-premise installation - you control it all
  • Internal calls to services
  • Anonymized external calls

Flexible pricing models

  • Separate installation setup - fixed fee
  • SAAS subscription model - pay as you use

Build your agent

Design agent

  • Create your agent
  • Import own domain knowledge
  • Design smalltalk


  • Train agent to understand natural language utterances
  • Train for Q&A
  • Build dialogue flows for multi-turn conversations


  • Test via API calls or console
  • Update dialogue assets and re-train


  • SAAS
  • Deploy in mobile app
  • Support with other channels

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Natural Language

Zana's Natural Language Understanding component interprets user goals (intents) and recognizes valuable information (entities) in sentences

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Assistant easily trained on question and answers through automated extraction from your data sources

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Dialogue Flows

Design conversations that track current state, and process answers in unconstraint, free text or predefined quick replies

Dialogue Management Console

  • Web-based dashboard to build conversational dialogues, manage content and assets
  • Workspace to create your agent, train, and build conversations
  • Support multiple content administrators