Conversational AI for Health

Our Conversational AI Platform helps healthcare organizations leverage 24x7 voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants to engage with users in their health journey. The platform features medically-tailored Natural Language Understanding and Zana BrainTM technology.

Tidda is a class 1 medical device according to the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) within the European Union

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Use Cases


Remote Monitoring for Heart Diseases

Activate immediate ECG on the phone, monitor vital signs anytime and anywhere, enable timely medical intervention.

Our platform empowers doctors with immediate insights, improves the patient experience at home, and reduces healthcare costs.


Pharma/Clinical Trials

Tidda AI for remote monitoring of clinical trials delivers vital signs from wearables in combination with patient input via the mobile digital assistant.

Our core innovation: Voice-first Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) guided by intuitive in-App natural language dialogue.


Voice as Biomarker

Leverage our conversational AI platform with novel machine learning to derive vocal digital biomarker. Vocal biomarker monitors changes in the voice to detect mental and physical health conditions.

In combination with other vital signs collected in our platform, it supplements the cumbersome existing manual exam by detecting and quantifying symptoms to guide treatment.

Tidda AI - Remote Health Monitoring

End-to-end remote patient monitoring solution. It combines natural language conversation with real-time monitoring of vital signs.

How does it work?

Through a conversational interface, continuous monitoring with smart wearables and machine learning, Tidda AI gathers a holistic view on patient's health.

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Tidda AI makes remote care at home smart and easy