Patient story: "Since my illness, life has changed for me."

Nicole Witts was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour after experiencing a wide range of problems for over six months.

"I first felt something was wrong in August 2007, when I was working as an area manager for a beauty firm. I visited my local GP because I was suffering from hearing loss. A grommet was fitted, but this did not improve my hearing for long.

"By October, I could not concentrate properly on my job, and I could hear whining noises in my head.

"After Christmas 2007, I phoned the GP about the noises in my head. I was so upset. I thought I was going mad.

"In February 2008, I had just carried my new baby daughter, Ellen, downstairs when I suffered a major fit and was rushed to hospital. Brain scans revealed a massive tumour the size of an orange on the right side of my brain. I remember being terrified and praying for my life.

"Once the tumour was diagnosed as benign, I still needed a frightening nine-hour operation to remove it, which could have threatened my speech. I realise that I was one of the lucky ones: my tumour was not only benign, but it could be removed by surgeons.

"I think of myself as a fairly upbeat, bubbly sort of person. I have been married to Gary for eight years and we have two gorgeous girls. Up to this event, we felt we lived fairly normal lives, but life has changed for me now. I have epilepsy and can no longer cook, drive alone or bath baby Ellen or her sister."

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 15 Apr 2015