Eligibility criteria for NHS breast reduction

The availability of breast reduction surgery on the NHS varies, depending on the eligibility criteria decided by yourlocal clinical commissioning group (CCG) .

Some CCGs do not fund breast reduction surgery at all and others fund it selectively if you fulfil certain criteria.

Generally speaking, you might be considered for breast reduction on the NHS if you have problems caused by having very large breasts, such as:

  • backache
  • shoulder or Twisted neck
  • skin irritation
  • rashes and skin infections under the breasts
  • grooves on the shoulders from bra straps
  • psychological distress, such as low self-esteem or depression
  • an inability to exercise or take part in sports

CCGsalso tend to haveadditional criteria thatmay include the size of your breasts, your weight, your age, whether you smoke, and whether other options such as wearing professionally fitted bras have been tried, but haven't helped.

You can find out what the eligibility criteria are in your area from your GP or by contacting your local CCG .

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018