Treatment for abadly broken toe

If your toe is badly broken, youmay need:

  • an X-ray of your foot to check if your toe is broken and how severe the break is
  • a procedure to move anyout of placebones back into the right position a doctor can often do this with their hands (no cuts are needed) while your foot is numbed with local anaesthetic
  • a procedure to drain blood from underneath the nail of the affected toe, or remove the nail completely if there's a lot of blood trapped under it
  • a cast or a special wooden-soled shoe or boot to support your big toe if it's broken
  • crutches so you can walk without putting weight on the toe
  • any woundscleaned, and possibly antibiotics or a tetanus jab if your vaccinations aren't up-to-date

If the break is particularly severe, you may need surgery to put the broken bones back into the correct position and fix them in place with special pins or screws.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018