What are the symptoms?

Bullous pemphigoid typically starts with a red, itchy rash that looks a bit likedermatitis(a type of eczema)or Welts . This tends to last several weeks or months.

Groups of large, itchyblisters usually then appear on the red patches, just beneaththe surface of the skin. They can be up to 5cm in diameter and full of fluid, with the thick skin of the blisters stretched tightly.

The fluidinside is usually clear, but can turn cloudy or bloodstained.

Blisters last a few days before healing without leaving a scar, but a cycle developswhere more form.

The rash and blisters are usually seen on the upper arms and thighs, sometimes spreading to body folds and the tummy.In severe cases, the blisters may cover most of the skin, including the inside of the mouth.

However, some people have no symptoms or just have mild redness and irritation without blisters.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dez 2018