Recoveringafter male circumcision

When you're discharged from hospital, you'll be given advice about your recovery at home, including when you can drive, return to work and have sex.

It usually takes at least 10 days for your penis to heal after circumcision. You'll probably be advised to take at least one week off work to recover.

You don't need to tell the DVLA if you've had a routine circumcision and don't have any other medical conditions that affect your ability to drive. However, it's your responsibility to ensure you're fit to drive after having surgery.

You should avoid having sex for at least four weeks after your operation.

Your care team will give you a contact number to call in case you experience any problems or have any concerns. You should also be given details about your follow-up appointment, which may be at the hospital or with your GP.

For three or four days after your operation, it's likely you'll experience some discomfort and swelling around the head of your penis. Before leaving hospital, you'll be given painkilling medication, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen , to help ease this.

However, contact your GP if you have a temperature, increased redness, bleeding, persistent pain or throbbing of your penis,as it could be a sign of infection.

Applying petroleum jelly (Vaseline) around the tip of your penis will stop it sticking to your underwear. Wearing light, loose-fitting clothing for two or three days after your operation will also help avoid irritation to your penis while it heals.

You shouldn't feel any pain or discomfort while passing urine, but contact your medical team if you do.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018