Treatments for a broken finger

You'll be assessed by atrained practitioner, who will determine what tests and treatments are needed.

An X-ray will usually be carried out to confirm whether your finger is broken, dislocated,or sprained.

If it's fractured:

  • the bonemay need to be moved back into place an injection of local anaesthetic is given to numb the area anda doctor then realigns the bone
  • your finger will be put in a splint or plaster cast, or may be strapped to the finger next to it this will hold the bone in positionuntil it heals

For open fractures, the wound will be cleaned surgically before the fracture is treated. You may also need a tetanus jab and antibiotics to help prevent infection.

You'llbe able to go homeonce the splint, cast, or strapping is in place. A follow-up appointment to check how your finger is healing may be arranged before you leave.

Surgery may be required if the fracture is particularly severe and there has been damage to nearby nerves, tendons, or other tissue. The fracture may also need to be stabilised by fixing the bone with small wires or plates and screws.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018