The impact ofprosopagnosia

A person with prosopagnosia may avoid social interaction and develop social anxiety disorder (an overwhelming fear of social situations).

They may also have difficulty forming relationships or experience problems with their career. Episodes of Depression aren't uncommon.

Some people withprosopagnosia are unable to recognise certain facial expressions,judge a person's age or gender, or follow a person's gaze. Others may not even recognise their own face in the mirror or in photos.

Prosopagnosia can affect a person's ability to recognise objects,such as places or cars. Many people also have difficulty navigating. This can involve an inability to process angles or distance, or problems remembering places and landmarks.

Following the plot of films or television programmes can be almost impossible for someone with prosopagnosia because characters aren't recognisable.

Someone with prosopagnosia may worry that they appear rude or disinterested when they fail to recognise a person.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018