Symptoms of vestibular neuronitis

The most common symptoms of vestibular neuronitis are dizziness and vertigo the sensation that you, or everything around you, is moving. This may cause you to feel nauseous or be sick, have difficulty concentrating and blurred vision.

These symptoms can range from mild to severe, with some people feeling that theyre unable to remain upright for the first few days. In most cases, the symptoms appear suddenly during the day or when you wake up in the morning.

After a few days, you can usually start moving around, but will feel dizzy and easilytired. Even after a few weeks,you mayfeel somedizziness when being active, particularly away from your home.

See your GP if you have these symptoms. You should also avoid driving, using tools and machinery, or working at heights if you're feeling dizzy.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018