Treating angina pectoris


Those suffering from angina pectoris do not have to constantly rest, except for cases in which the pain episodes are frequent and severe. These patients should however avoid great exhaustion, emotional stress and quit smoking.

  • They should medicate for arterial blood pressure, take medication for lipid stabilization etc.
  • They should also partake in physical exercise, which helps in facilitating blood circulation in coronary vessels.
  • They should consume a reasonable diet to maintain a healthy to low body mass.


  1. Nitroglycerine (fast-acting)
  2. Nitroglycerine (monosorbit dinitrate)used long term to increase the dilation of the blood vessels, increase circulation.
  3. Beta-blockers which regulate the heart rhythm, which is prone to disruption. It alleviates the angina crises. (Atenolol, Bisoprolol etc)
  4. Sedatives (tranquilizers which lower psychological stress and lower the instances of pain).
  5. Patients suffering from angina pectoris should subject themselves to the following tests:
    • EcG, the exertion test, a coronarography. Through these one can medically ascertain whether invasive surgery is pertinent. A common method is primary percutaneous coronary revascularization.

Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 24 Jan 2018
Medical Author: Dr. med. Diana Hysi