Preventing botulism

As a result ofhigh standards of food hygiene in the UK, the chances of getting food-borne botulism from food bought in this country are tiny.

There's a slightly higher risk if you produce your own food, particularly if this involves canning. However, following food hygiene procedures and canning recommendations will reduce any risk.

You should also avoideating food from visibly bulging or damaged cans, foul-smelling preserved foods, foods stored at the incorrect temperature and out of date foods.

Heroin users shouldavoid injecting heroin intotheir muscles. Injecting heroininto a vein or smoking it can reduce the risk of botulism, although not using heroin at all is by farthe best course of action. However, you should avoid giving honey tobabiesless than 12 months oldbecause it has been known to containClostridium botulinumspores.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018