Monitoring your symptoms

Any symptoms you have may come and go as the cavernomableeds and then reabsorbs blood. It'simportant to closely monitor your symptoms,as anynew symptoms might be a sign of a haemorrhage.

Your doctor can advise you about what to do if you experience any new or worsening symptoms. They may also recommend having a further brain scan.

MRI and CT scanscan be used to detect bleeding on the brain, although they can't necessarily identify cavernomas that are at an increased risk of bleeding.

This is because the features of a cavernoma that can be seen on a brain scan, such as an increase in size, don't appear to be directly linked to the likelihood of bleeding.

Although cavernomas can get bigger, large cavernomas aren't any more likely to bleed than smaller ones.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018