Looking after yourself at home

If you're well enough to be treated at home, the following measures can helprelieve your symptoms and prevent the infection spreading:

  • make sure you finish the entire course of any antibiotics you're prescribed, even if you're feeling better
  • drink plenty of fluids to avoiddehydration and eat plain foods such assoup, rice, pasta and breadif you feel hungry
  • take paracetamol for tummy pain or a fever
  • don'ttakeanti-diarrhoeal medication, as this can stop the infection being cleared from your body
  • regularly wash your hands and contaminated surfaces, objects or sheets (see How tostop C. difficile spreading )
  • stay at home until at least 48 hours after your last episode of diarrhoea

Your GP may contact you regularly to make sure you're getting better. Callthem if your symptoms return after treatment finishes, as it may need to be repeated.

Content supplied by the NHS Website

Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018