How colour vision deficiency is inherited

Thegenetic fault that usually causes colour vision deficiencyis passed on in what's known as an X-linked inheritance pattern .

This means:

  • it mainly affects boys, but can affect girls in some cases
  • girls are usually carriers of the genetic faultthis means they can pass it on to their children, but don'thave a colour vision deficiency themselves
  • it's usually passed on by a mother to her son the mother will often be unaffected as she willnormally just be a carrier of the genetic fault
  • fathers with a colour vision deficiency won't have children with the problem unless their partner is a carrier of the genetic fault
  • it can often skip a generation for example, it may affect a grandfather and their grandson
  • girls are only affected if their father has a colour vision deficiency and their mother is a carrier of the genetic fault

VisitColour Blind Awareness for more information about inherited colour vision deficiency , including diagramsillustratinghow it can be passed on.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018