Issues for people with a colour vision deficiency

Colour vision deficiency isn't usually anything to be concerned about. Most people get used to it over time, it won't normally get any worse and it's rarely a sign of anything serious.

However, it can sometimes cause issues such as:

  • difficulty at schoolif colours are used to help with learning
  • problems with food, such as identifying whether meat is fully cooked or whether fruit is ripe
  • getting medications confused if they're not clearly labelled
  • troubleidentifying safety warnings or signs
  • slightly limited career choices certain jobs, such aspilots, train drivers, electricians and air traffic controllers, may require accurate colour recognition

Overall,many peoplewith a colour vision deficiency have few, if any, difficulties. They can domostnormalactivities, including driving.

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018