Treating NMO

There's no cure for NMO, so treatment aims to manage attacks and symptoms, and prevent relapses.

Every person with NMO is affected differently and some may have much milder symptoms than others. However, early treatment is usually needed to prevent further episodes and permanent disability.

Medication is used to reduce nerve inflammation, suppress the immune system and treat any pain. Rehabilitation techniques, such as physiotherapy , can also help with any reduced mobility that the relapses cause.

In the UK, NMO is recognised as a rare condition that requires specialist neurological input and two national referral centres have been designated. They are:

  • The Walton Centre in Liverpool
  • John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford

At these centres, research is ongoing to find possible future treatments for NMO.

To be referred to one of these centres, a GP referral letter is all that's needed. These specialist services are nationally funded, so GP practices won't have any additional costs for referring.

NMO UK has more information about treatments for NMO .

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Medically Reviewed by a doctor on 21 Dec 2018