About Zana

Conversational AI Platform for Health

Voice assistants are being used in more and more areas of life today. Our interdisciplinary team of engineers, doctors, and psychotherapist has built a conversational platform targeted specifically to the health domain and intended particularly for use in the healthcare industry.

We can help healthcare organizations leverage 24x7 voice and chatbot-powered virtual assistants to engage their users in intuitive human-like interactions.

With our conversational AI platform, organizations can design and integrate in their solutions voice- and chatbot-enabled applications that can improve patient engagement and conversational experiences with their services.

Intuitive Conversations and Questionnaires

Integrate with existing applications a 24x7 voice- and chatbot-powered digital companion that engages in natural conversations with end-users. The assistant is able to ask users the needed questions and obtain from them the desired information.

Customizable conversation flows:

Our conversational AI platform allows to easily configure new conversation flows to guide user questionnaires.

  • Lower call center volume
  • Increase efficiency of staff

How is Zana using voice assistance?

Zana companion for patients uses in-App natural language conversations (soft data) to capture patient-reported outcomes (PROs), to capture their health status, symptoms, and their psychosocial needs. PROs are guided by intuitive in-App conversation flows in the form of checkup questionnaires.

Conversational A.I.

Additionally, Zana is trained to educate patients by answering questions with trusted medical information via the voice- and chatbot-powered interface.

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